Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Technology News: The 4k Monitor

The amount of technology news is simply unbelievable. Though there are tons of hours of highly specialized work beyond every improvement, it seems that science never sleeps. There are so many stunning updates to everything nowadays that it’s very challenging to keep up, especially if you are not working in the business and you’re just passionate about tech. One of the latest ones involves something that we’ve seen coming for a while, or, better said, that we hoped to see soon: the 4k Monitor. This one really pushes the limits.

The fact that is has a resolution that is four times sharper than Full HD says everything. Full HD is already excellent and you might say that the users couldn’t have asked for more. Still, some of them did and digital cinematography demanded more as well.

The 4k Monitor is not only meant to take things to a whole new level for images, games, movies, videos or any kind of media content. It also works as an everyday monitor. The color accuracy makes it perfect for photo editing. It does the job admirably and you don’t have to get two monitors. So it might be a good idea to sell your current one if you don’t have enough money for a 4k.

The resolution can make work more efficient. People with poor vision are fans of the big screens. It’s easy to navigate from one window to another. It works smoothly for desktop work so it can be a solution in case you meant to switch the monitor soon anyway.

There is something else that you shouldn’t forget about before falling head over heels for the fantastic resolution and getting the most inexpensive 4k Monitor you find: the other specifications, mainly the refresh rate. It’s better to save a bit more and to get at least 60hz instead of 30hz, especially if you’re into gaming. The issue with the cheapest monitors is that the screen updates itself with a low frequency. This might pose inconveniences in time. The best of them are regarded to be produced by Dell, Samsung and Asus. You can find complete reviews at Read them well before you purchase.

The 4k Monitor has even been squeezed into a 24-inch one by Dell. Though some might frown that it’s a shame not to enjoy this remarkable technology on a big screen, this move of the display industry has fans as well. Some people don’t have enough space to place huge displays in their homes or think that 4k looks sharper on a 24-inch monitor. In the end, the size is your call.

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